August Coloring Book Submissions

We've made it to the "Dog Days" of summer! The bonus this month was draw food in the dog's bowl. Here are our entries:

Anna age 7:

Look at the detail that went into the dog's food. It must have taken a long time!

Pearle age 6:

Pearle included some doggie bones too, great job Pearle!

Josie age 8:

What great color combinations. Excellent job Josie!


Huck has a dalmatian dog. His dog bowl is full and notice the lights he's drawn overhead!


Clara did an incredible job this month! Look at the extra work she did on her dog's ears. 

Zoe age 11:

Zoe's dog stands out the most. How creative! Zoe is this month's winner, congratulations Zoe, well done!



June Coloring Book Submissions

June was by far the most coloring entries we’ve received yet! Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry. The bonus for this month was drawing your own luggage on top. From extra food to bear traps, we were blown away by the creativity. We understand the struggle of Summer boredom, so please join in the fun. You can download the coloring book here.

Here are our submissions for the month of June;

Isaiah age: 10

We love the shade of green used for the mountains and notice the excellent packing he’s done with the luggage? Good Job Isaiah!

We love the shade of green used for the mountains and notice the excellent packing he’s done with the luggage? Good Job Isaiah!


Addison age: 7

Addison has packed extra food for her adventure, and who wouldn’t want pink tires?! Wonderful, Addison!


Eliza age: 7

Rainbow snowcaps! Excellent detail on the road stripes, Eliza, we want to go with you on your next adventure.


Gwendolyn age: 7

Looks like we’ve gone off roading. Perfect combinations of blue for Gwen’s SUV. She has her luggage, toothbrush, and extra food for her travels. Bon Voyage Gwendolyn!


Pearle age: 6

This is Pearle’s first entry in the coloring contest. She has set the bar with her choice of vibrant colors! See how she has tinted her windows. Thanks Pearle!


Tej age: 6

Tej has one big suitcase and he informed us that the bear trap has been placed at the rear of the car so it is easily accessible. He used markers and was adamant about getting the right amount of each color. Superb Tej!


Zoe age: 11

Zoe is packed and ready for an adventure! The blinker light really stands out and we love that she went full chrome on her car. Hers was the only entry to have the mountains so high, giving the look that they were far off in the distance. Excellent artistic skills Zoe!


Kaida age: 4

Kaida is the only one submitted with passengers in the car. The beautiful sun is so big that she has put extra tint on her windows. She is extra prepared for her next adventure. Way to go Kaida and congratulations, you are this month's winner!!

May Coloring Book Submissions

Our May submissions were off the charts! The bonus was to draw a sun in the sky above the plant. Plants need sunlight to grow! Thank you to everyone who participated. Feel like you could have won? Join the fun! Download the coloring book here.


Anna age: 7

Anna went above and beyond. It must have taken all day to color. Great job Anna, keep up the good work!


Josie ae: 7

Josie’s is titled “Pink Popy”. We think it’s extraordinary!


Eliza age: 7

Eliza included a rolling green field and fluffy white clouds. Such a pretty flower and matching pot!


Kaida age: 4

We love Kaida’s choice of blue for her flower pot. Thank you for entering Kaida!


Siddha age: 10

Siddha’s sun is amazing! We’d love to sit under it.


Gwen age: 7

Gwen not only colored the entire flower beautiful colors but she also colored the whole background. Gwen is this month’s winner!

April Coloring Book Submissions

April showers bring…butterflies! This month’s entries were so colorful and creative. The bonus was, draw a pattern on the butterfly’s wings. What colors will you choose? Download the coloring book here and enter one of your own.

Gwen age: 7

Gwen picked a wonderful pattern!


Josie age: 7

What a lovely butterfly Josie! Thank you from the bottom of our heart


Anna age:7

Good job Anna! Notice how both sides are identical?  


Kaida age: 4

Symmetry and vibrant colors! Absolutely gorgeous


Siddha age: 10

Such a great job Siddha! We wonder how long it took to follow all of those lines around.


Eliza age: 7

This month’s winner was hands down Eliza! “Be your own kind of beautiful” we couldn’t agree more.

March Coloring Book Submissions

March Color Madness! This month the bonus was, draw a fur pattern on the cat. What kind of pattern can you come up with? All of the entries we received were purrfect! Want to join the fun? download the coloring book here.

Anna age: 7

Anna’s cat has a pet mouse along with toys to play with. She did a great job coloring her pattern!


Eliza age: 7

Such a beautiful cat Eliza! This must have taken a very long time to color. We appreciate your dedication.


Josephine age: 7

Josephine did an excellent job using a combination of yellow and orange. Notice the sweet paws? Her cat also has some toys to play with



Siddha age: 10

Look at Siddha’s calico kitty! Wonderful pattern, she must know this cat very well.


Edith age: 10

Edith is this month’s winner! We love how it shows exactly where to touch and not to touch. Me-row!

February Coloring Book Submissions

Fishing in February! The bonus for February was to draw some creatures on the bottom of the ocean. What lives down there? We had some great entries this month, want to join the fun? Download the coloring book here


Anna age: 7

Anna has a stripped fish. Notice her detail on the seaweed!



Edith age: 10

Edith’s fish is beautiful! It also has friends along for the swim and what a perfectly drawn lobster and starfish!



Josie age: 7

Josie, we see where you were going with this and can picture it in our heads, it’s breathtaking!


Siddha age: 10

Siddha blew us away, look at the details of the scales and ocean floor! It is because of those that she was chosen as this month’s winner. Congratulations Siddha!

January Coloring Book Submissions

Enter our Coloring Contest for a chance to win prizes! Each month there's a new page for you to color and share with us. Complete the current month's coloring page and get your entry to us by the 20th of each month to be entered into a drawing for a fun giveaway. You can download the coloring book here.

Take it away January!

Kaida age: 4

Blue skies for Kaida! She also took advantage of the glue stick and shape punchers. Excellent job!


Lori age: 31

Lori took it to a whole new level. Notice the book shelves and cozy chair inside the house? Wow Lori, very impressive!


Bolton age:2

Bolton is showing great promise as an artist at age 2! We love the stars he pasted on the house. 


Marti age: 9

We love the way Marti has used a shading technique for each color. It really make the whole house pop! Thanks for the entry Marti and congratulations for being this month’s winner!!

What if I buy a historic home?

We love selling charming homes and working in historic districts. One of the most common questions I get asked when buyers look at homes listed for sale in historic neighborhoods is “what restrictions are placed on improvements and changes to the structure?” That’s an answer that can vary greatly.

All homes within city limits are going to be subject to zoning and ordinances, but homes in historic districts may be subject to special considerations based strictly on a house being in one of the city’s historic districts. Across the country there are some historic districts that are also “preservation districts”. Those districts sometimes have overlay zoning or the equivalent that puts restrictions on changes that can be made to the structures within certain geographic boundaries. For example, I lived in the Brady Heights neighborhood in Tulsa for several years. That neighborhood has a preservation overlay that prevents property owners from making significant changes to the front façade of the home without approval from a preservation commission. I currently own a home in Fayetteville's historic Wilson Park neighborhood. Unlike Brady Heights, Wilson Park does not have an overlay. There are no restrictions beyond city ordinance on what a homeowner can do to the structure. 

The best resource is your local preservation or historical commission. They can answer any specific questions about neighborhoods or changes to structures you own or might be interested in purchasing.

Some individual structures are also listed as historic sites. You might be familiar with the National Park Services’s National Registry of Historic Places. Many times a listing on this or another preservation registry doesn’t preclude a home owner from making changes. However, it’s important to note that some changes may cause the structure to lose its status. It will be important to research this before making any changes.

For more information about historic homes or any of your area’s wonderful historic districts contact me anytime!

Anything but average

I find myself answering the question “what sets Clark Partners apart from other real estate teams?” quite often. I think the answers to that question are really great, but real estate is as much about relationships as anything else. Great agents get to know their clients really well over the weeks or months they work together, so it’s important that every agent sets her- or himself apart.

About a year ago I heard a real estate coach say “there are enough average real estate agents in the world”. I can’t tell you how many times that’s been repeated in our offices since then. None of us at Clark Partners want to be just average for our clients. I’ve become really conscious of all the things that set me apart from my colleagues, and I’d like to share a few of those things with you:

I’m consistent

Whether your home is worth $60,000 or $600,000 your investment is just as important to you. Therefore we treat every client the same – from the initial consultation to the professional photos – regardless of the price of the home they’re hoping to buy or sell, regardless of their situation. A real estate transaction can be emotional and stressful; the last thing you need is to feel like you’re being treated differently or “less” than others.

I listen first, and communicate back

Even if you’ve bought and sold a dozen homes in your lifetime you will have questions. Every real estate transaction is different. I’m going to do my very best to educate you about the process of buying or selling. In fact I pride myself in being able to anticipate how your transaction will progress, but the reality is that there are a thousand variables! I don’t pass off my seller clients to an assistant and my buyer’s agents don’t pass off their buyer clients either. We are here for you when those questions arise!

I’m not afraid to say “no”

There are a lot of real estate agents that can’t say “no”. This means they might list a house outside of their normal market where they have no knowledge of the area. This means they might drop everything and open up your home for sale to a stranger that isn’t pre-qualified. Some agents will tackle any task or job, despite how it may impact your end result. If you present us with something that we’re not suited to handle we will help you find the right person for the job! We’ll never compromise your position by taking on something that we don’t excel at. Do you want a “yes man” that is chasing the next commission or a consultant that will help you find the best possible solution to your problem?

I understand my role in helping you

It’s not a real estate agents job to negotiate on your behalf or even speak for you. Trust me, I hear from agents all the time about decisions I know they haven’t discussed with their clients. Throughout your real estate transaction I will give you all your options. I’ll also explain the considerations with each choice – some will be good while others could be bad. I’ll share with you what I believe the outcome will be based on my experience. Ultimately every decision is yours but you won’t be making it blindly.

There are enough average real estate agents. At Clark Partners we are anything but average!

Enough about me for now. I’d still love to tell you what sets Clark Partners and Keller Williams Realty apart, from our comprehensive marketing plan to our efficient processes and systems. Give me a ring, and let’s do that over coffee!

It's more than just a yard sign

Some of the things I do for clients are pretty obvious, but just like with any profession there’s a little more to it than just what’s on the surface. Here is a list of 7 things sellers can expect from me as their listing agent:

  1. Clear Communication. It’s the foundation of any strong relationship including our real estate relationship. I listen to your needs, motivation and goals and put together the best strategy for your situation.
  2. Thoughtful Preparation. I don’t just put a sign in the yard and expect your home to sell; that isn’t the way it works. I take a very systematic approach to the way I list properties. As a result, I sell homes faster (and for more money) than the average.
  3. Perfect Pricing. I do exhaustive research to make sure you have the best information and data before deciding on a list price.
  4. Beautiful Marketing. Most people don’t realize that marketing homes, i.e. exposing them to the marketplace, is my primary role as a listing agent. I do a lot more than just put a sign in the yard and plop it on the multi-list service (MLS). Marketing is very important to me. In fact, it’s so important that in 2013 I added a full-time graphic designer to my staff. I know that beautiful marketing makes a difference. I start with professional photography as the foundation of all of our print and web marketing. My commitment to effective marketing gives your home a competitive edge.
  5. Amazing Service. Those two words are rarely used together these days. However, my entire team and I are committed to providing the best possible customer service. Our goal is for you to be so pleased with the experience that you will feel compelled to become an advocate who tells all your friends and family that we’re Your Realtor!
  6. Expert Negotiations. Real estate contracts can be overwhelming. My years of experience come in pretty handy during negotiations. Most people get caught up on the price alone and don’t look at the big picture – there are many more terms than just the price. I’ll make sure you understand each and decide on terms that best help you achieve your goals.
  7. Efficient Closing. There are hurdles to getting a real estate transaction closed, and I would never pretend that it always goes off without a hitch. However, there are things that I can anticipate and am proactive in getting you to Closing with as little hassle as possible.

With a steady demand for housing and low inventory levels, there hasn’t been a better time to list your home in years. If you want the absolute best service, I’d love to interview for the opportunity! Contact me today.