February Coloring Book Submissions

Fishing in February! The bonus for February was to draw some creatures on the bottom of the ocean. What lives down there? We had some great entries this month, want to join the fun? Download the coloring book here


Anna age: 7

Anna has a stripped fish. Notice her detail on the seaweed!



Edith age: 10

Edith’s fish is beautiful! It also has friends along for the swim and what a perfectly drawn lobster and starfish!



Josie age: 7

Josie, we see where you were going with this and can picture it in our heads, it’s breathtaking!


Siddha age: 10

Siddha blew us away, look at the details of the scales and ocean floor! It is because of those that she was chosen as this month’s winner. Congratulations Siddha!