August Coloring Book Submissions

We've made it to the "Dog Days" of summer! The bonus this month was draw food in the dog's bowl. Here are our entries:

Anna age 7:

Look at the detail that went into the dog's food. It must have taken a long time!

Pearle age 6:

Pearle included some doggie bones too, great job Pearle!

Josie age 8:

What great color combinations. Excellent job Josie!


Huck has a dalmatian dog. His dog bowl is full and notice the lights he's drawn overhead!


Clara did an incredible job this month! Look at the extra work she did on her dog's ears. 

Zoe age 11:

Zoe's dog stands out the most. How creative! Zoe is this month's winner, congratulations Zoe, well done!